Mini Flare Guns
Nickel Berloque
******SOLD OUT *******
******SOLD OUT *******
Sorry everyone, I am SOLD OUT of these great little Sets, and may never be able to get more ever again.  I do have one last set up for auction on ebay if you are interested in bidding.  Thank You!

This is the Nickel Plated Berloque 2mm Pinfire Single Shot Pistol Flare Gun Set.  The little Pistol is 1.5" long, has a Deer embossed on the left side grip and a Rabbit embossed on the right side grip.  It has a pushbutton break over barrel, and can also launch Flares with the Flare Adapter screwed on.  The Flares can reach heights above tree level!  Great for fun or as an emergency flare for your camping gear!  And the Blanks are LOUD!  These are NOT TOYS for kids!  There are two different container styles; Collector's Wooden Crate or Round Silver Tin.  Both Sets have the same content; one Berloque Pistol, Flare Adapter, 12 Blanks, Pushrod, 10 Flares, Instructions, and container.  The Set in the Wood Crate is becoming VERY RARE, I am now SOLD OUT and may not be able to get any more, EVER.  The Set in the Round Tin is now becoming VERY RARE.  I am now SOLD OUT of the Round Tin as well, and may also never be able to get more. 

Please NOTE: I personally check every Berloque for proper function before it ships.  As most people purchase these for their Collection ONLY, and never FIRE it, I can not guarantee their functional use and do not offer any warranties or refunds.  Too many factors can cause them to not work properly, such as; improper user operation, manufacturer flaws, blank/flare age, etc...  Even though these Tiny Pistols are made in Austria and built well, they are still "Novelty Cap Guns", not intended for long term use.  Most people buy 2 Sets, one for their Collection and one to "Play" with.  All Sales are Final.  Neither the maker or seller assumes any responsibility for the use or misuse of these items.  Thank You.

****SOLD OUT***** Extra Berloque 2mm Pinfire Blanks; tube of 25 blanks.  These Blanks are becoming VERY RARE. I may never be able to get more. 

****SOLD OUT**** Extra Flares, tube of 10. 

*****Please NOTE: Due to the age and design of the Blanks and Flares, there are no guarantees to their function.  Unfortunately, some may not fire, and we can not refund or replace non-functioning Blanks or Flares.  User to buy at own risk.  Thank You.
******** SOLD OUT ***********
******** SOLD OUT ***********
Sorry, I am SOLD OUT and may never be able to get more.  Thank you for your time.

****SOLD OUT!!!!****  Sorry!  These are becoming VERY RARE!!  I may not be able to ever get any more!  Please check back for updates.  Thank you!

******SOLD OUT*******  Sorry, I am sold out of the Berloque 2mm Pinfire Blanks, and may never be able to get more.  Please email if you would like to be put on a Back Order list. Thank You.

****SOLD OUT**** Sorry!  Please check back for updates.  Thank You!

All sales are final.  Neither the Maker or Seller assume any responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of these items.  All local laws apply, and must be determined lawful by the customer.  NOT a toy for children; contains small parts and powerful caps!  Thank You
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