Mini Flare Guns
Berloque & Xythos 2mm Pinfire Flare Gun Sets
2mm Pinfire Berlouqe and Xythos Pin Fire  Pistol Set.  Berloque / Xythos Pinfire Miniature Gun Pin Fire Accessories.

******GREAT NEWS !!!!!!!!
For sale soon.............. Gold Plated and Nickel Plated Berloque Sets in the Wood Boxes and Round Metal Tins, along with extra  Blanks / Caps & Flares.  I am estimating prices to be around $55.00 to $65.00 for the sets, and $10.00 to $14.00 for 25 blanks, and same price for 10 flares.  Thank you very much for your patience and continued interest.
Have a wonderful day!

     ********ALSO, due to many requests for Xythos, out of fairness to all interested, I will be placing a few Xythos from my personal collection up for auction, along with a few Andres & Dworsky micro cap guns and Old Style Deer/Rabbit Berloques.
I have tried listing them on Ebay, but Ebay is VERY "Anti Gun", even with "cap guns", and Ebay has taken it upon themselves to define these little toy 2mm pin fire cap guns as "real firearms", banning them from sale on their site.  They have closed my auctions 4 times within one month and suspended my account for 3 days.  SO... I will be listing on as soon as I find some time.  I will list a link here at that time.
Thank You!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.  For those who have never heard of Berloque or Xythos Pinfire pistols, you have found an amazing site!  For those who have been looking for these miniature pistols, you found a site that will have them when available.  Unfortunately, NOW I am SOLD OUT of everything! And may never be able to get more ever again! :(  But I am TRYING!   And I have left my site up for those to discover these great little pistols.  Please check back every month for updates.  Thank You Very Much, and have a great day!

I am Currently SOLD OUT of EVERYTHING  shown on my site.  The SOLD OUT items are now almost impossible to find in the USA, and difficult to find overseas, which is driving the prices up to Collector's Premiums!  I am trying my best to get a new supply from Austria, and keep the prices down, if possible!  I believe that the maker has sold out of "Old Stock" and is not manufacturing them anymore.  I will update the site if items become available.  I am happy to put you on a Back Order List for any item you would like; please use the contact form and be sure to include your email address, it is not automatically inserted.  Thank you for your patience and for checking back often to see updates.  This is not a business for me, it is a labor of love / hobby, that is slowly becoming a "job".  I searched for years to find and bring these great little pistols to old and new generations.  Therefore, with my other "real jobs", I am limited on time to reply to emails and ship, but please know that I will get to you and your order as soon as possible. Thank You.

The craftsmanship of making these tiny novelty pistols has been passed down for over 100  years.  Both are made in Austria.  They are NOT considered "firearms". They are Novelty Toy pin fire Cap Guns, and are for ADULTS ONLY (18+ years old).  When stock is available, I am more than happy to supply you with your 2mm Pinfire needs, and ship WORLD WIDE.   Shipping within the USA is only $6.00 for USPS Priority Insured Mail. World Wide Buyers PLEASE CONTACT me before ordering so I may offer you ALL SHIPPING OPTIONS.  I am now shipping outside the USA only by First Class "Registered/Insured" USPS Mail (starting cost of only $24.00).   If you would like your item shipped by Priority Mail, please email me for a Total and Invoice, it normally costs an extra $15.00.    Please read all disclaimers.  Bringing these great little pistols to the public is a labor of love / hobby for me, slowly becoming a business.  I TRY to reply to emails and ship items I have in stock within 48 hours.  I keep a small stock, and am out of items from time to time.  Please feel free to email before you order to check on availability, or I will notify you if an Item is BACK ORDERED after you place an order. 

Unfortunately, the Nickel & Gold Berloque Sets and Xythos Sets in the Wood Crates are all becoming VERY RARE, and now so is everything else.  I am SOLD OUT of the Wood Box Sets and may never be able to get more!  If you would like something that is marked SOLD OUT, please email me and I will put you on a waiting / back order list.   I will do my best to keep this site updated with available items!

Please feel free to email me anytime with questions and orders, and BE SURE TO INCLUDE your EMAIL address for me to reply to (it is NOT included automatically).  Or use the online Shopping Cart to order direct; using a Check, V/MC, or PayPal online.  The order will be secure and processed directly through PayPal.  Click on "View Cart" anytime to see the items you have chosen or when ready to "Check Out". 
I will be adding more information and items to this site when possible.  If you are a 2mm Pinfire Collector, or would be interested in a Customized Xythos, I have a few in my personal collection which I have kept to "Customize" with new Grips, etc.  I will be adding my Custom Work to my site soon, for both Xythos and Berloque, and my own Original Designs, such as my 2mm Pinfire Pen Gun, as seen on my site  but until then, please check out my auctions on ebay under my ID of inventormark or click here to see what is up for auction now      And if you are a Knife Collector, know one, or want to give a great gift, check out YEP!!!!!  You guessed it, its a KNIFE made from and fits into a PENNY!!!!  AMAZING!!!!  Thank You!

Orders are shipped as soon as possible on only 3 days: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday.  Most items will ship by USPS Priority Insured; please allow up to one week delivery time in the USA.  .Worldwide orders can/will take longer for delivery, please allow at least 4 weeks delivery time.  Items shipped USPS First Class  Registered will not have a tracking #, I can not guarantee how fast or slow the US Mail will get the package to you, just when I ship it, which you will be notified by email the day it ships.  And I will not be held responsible for Items Lost or Stolen during shipping if they are not Insured; Registered Mail is insured.
Thank you for taking the time to check out these great little pistols and accessories!  Have a great day! 
And for those making rude comments about either my prices or lack of stock, PLEASE include your email address so I can reply to your rants.... unless you are too CHICKEN to get a reply.... anyone can talk "smack", not everyone can take it back.  LOL! Thank You. !

All sales are final.  Neither the Maker or Seller assume any responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of these items.  All local laws apply, and must be determined lawful by the customer.  NOT a toy for children; contains small parts and powerful caps!  Thank You!

Please NOTE: I personally check every Berloque & Xythos for proper function before it ships.  As most people purchase these for their Collection ONLY, and never FIRE them, I can not guarantee their functional use and do not offer any warranties or refunds.  Too many factors can cause them to not work properly, such as; improper user operation, manufacturer flaws, blank/flare age, etc...  Even though these Tiny Pistols are made in Austria and built well, they are still "Novelty Cap Guns", not intended for long term use.  Most people buy 2 Sets, one for their Collection and one to "Play" with.  All Sales are Final.  Thank You.
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